• Meditations

    Happy is the person who meditates on wisdom and reasons intelligently – Sirach 14:20

    How do we represent our religion?  Just as a system, or as a glowing fire? – Fr. Alfred Delp SJ

    As with our biographies, most (but not all) of these meditations may be downloaded for use as classroom material, campus ministry handouts, parish bulletin inserts, republication in newsletters or newspapers, or any other use other than in a book or anthrology.  No fee is necessary, we ask only that the copyright at the end of each document be respected, including use of the URL.








    The Great Conversation

    There is a common stereotype of life in the hereafter which…more

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    A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Priest

    During our historical research we sometimes find…more

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    Down the Memory Hole

    On December 9, 1924 unidentified armed men invaded the Donskoy Monastery…more

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    Two rows





    Two Rows by the Sea

    In February 2015 the Islamic State murdered…more

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    Chiara header


    Chiara Corbella Petrillo

    Here is a powerful video of a young woman who…more

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    A Warm Smoggy Sky

    Your church / has been attacked / by a suicide bomber…more


    BVM Nagasaki2





    All That Remains

    Dr. Paul Takashi Nagai was a Christian martyr more than once…more

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    The Wormwood Star

    A “hyper-selfish cat” listens to the confession of an old man…more

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