• Community

    For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. – Matthew 18:20



    One major goal of Today’s Martyrs is to encourage Christians and all others of good will to gather together in opposition to persecution.  We have no particular ability to decide how best to accomplish this.  Each person has a unique viewpoint and conscience, and each denomination has a unique tradition and history.  Also, we do not claim to be the ultimate source of information on persecution; there are others as mentioned on our Links page.

    So one thing we will not do is call for the development of a centrally directed “Today’s Martyrs Community”.  Yet the need for community is obvious.  People do need to come together in their own way to pray, to learn, and to decide how to respond to the events of the current day.  Also, it is obvious from our past experience that attempts to build community in response to single acts of persecution are largely ineffective and much too slow – we need to come together before we need to act, not after, because that is often too late.

    As a consequence, please consider how best to pursue these goals with your friends and fellow believers.  We cannot be passive, we must do something, and the uncertainties of this world tell us that the part-time work of many hands is better than the full-time work of a few.  Please consider how to join together, name your community whatever you like, and use the resources that we and others provide for the benefit of those who suffer for Christ and his church.