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    The Seven ‘Good’ Emperors – courtesy CoinWeek

    Since the inception of this site in May 2015, and the earlier email subscription in November 2011, we have tried to operate with a minimal amount of financial resources.

    We have until now [October 2019] solicited no donations, and we are therefore doubly grateful for the occasional donations that have come our way, sparked by the generosity and vision of our supporters.

    Unfortunately, our situation has changed. Our other sources of income have declined. The cost of operating this site have increased as additional security has been added. The computer we use to produce this site has begun to fail, making timely updates very difficult.

    Once again we are going to turn our attention to securing tax exempt status. But until we achieve that we still need to provide our publishing services to the Church and the world. Therefore we have opened a GoFundMe page for donations to cover our annual overhead and research costs, and for creating our tax exempt status.

    Please prayerfully consider making a donation that will allow us to continue operations, you can click here to be redirected to the Today’s Martyrs GoFundMe annual expenses page. If you would rather send a donation through the mail please use the address on our Contact page Thank you and God bless!