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    After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. – Revelation 7:9

    …the worldlings are so monotonously alike compared with the almost fantastic variety of the saints. – C.S. Lewis

    Listed below are biographies of people who have either suffered for their Christian faith or who have witnessed to Christian ideals in a way that has put them at some risk in the future. Please keep these men and women and their families and friends in your prayers. Their biographies are written to not only describe the events of their Christian witness, but also to set that witness into the larger context of the events underway in today’s world, as well as to inspire us in our own faith.

    These biographies are all formatted so that they may be printed on a single sheet of paper, both sides. As with our meditations, they may be downloaded for use as classroom material, campus ministry handouts, parish bulletin inserts, republication in newsletters or newspapers, or any other use other than in a book or anthrology. No fee is necessary, we ask only that the copyright at the end of each document be respected, including use of the URL. Please be warned: these stories are probably not suitable for the youngest students, so please use your discretion.

    Please check back, some biographies will be updated as the circumstances for each person changes.



       Rene Stockman

    Andrew and Norine Brunson - Cropped



    Andrew and Norine Brunson – (updated October 2018)







    Jacques Hamel

    Jacques Hamel – (updated October 2016)



    Aasiya Noreen 2



    Aasiya Noreen aka Asia Bibi (updated May 2019)

    Bishoy Armiya



    Bishoy Armiya Boulous (updated August 2016)

    Frederick Gitonga   Frederick Gitonga

    Akash Bashir   Akash Bashir and Obaid Sadar Khokhar



    Julie Aftab   Julie Aftab

    John Dayal   John Dayal

    Grace HuangMatthew Huang   Grace and Matthew Huang

    Zhang Shaojie   Zhang Shaojie – still imprisoned

    Cedric Prakash   Cedric Prakash

    Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag 2   Meriam Yahia Ibrahm Ishag

    Dieudonne Nzapalainga   Dieudonne Nzapalainga (updated November 2016)

    Saeed Abedini   Saeed Abedini (updated January 2016)

    Frans van der Lugt   Frans van der Lugt

    Thaddeus Ma Daqin


    Thaddeus Ma Daqin – still under house arrest (updated May 2016)






    Rimsha Bibi (updated August 2017)

    Boulos al-YazigiYuhanna Ibrahim   Boulos al-Yazigi and Yuhanna Ibrahim – still missing

    Dennis Balcombe   Dennis Balcombe





    Nijole Sadunaite




    Lida and Aaron Vashchenko





    Lin Zhao



       Sophie Scholl


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