• Testimonials

    Give thanks in all circumstances…1 Thessalonians 5:18

    I have read what you wrote in the article under my name.  It is well written, factual, and I give you my permission to use this.

       – Pastor Dennis Balcombe


    Thanks for the mention. I do not deserve it, but am grateful

       – Dr. John Dayal


    Seeing Today’s Martyrs each day keeps me aware of what the Holy Father is so concerned about.  And as a member of a religious order with communities spread around the world, especially in the Middle East and India, it keeps me informed of the struggles that my Christian brothers and sisters are experiencing in so many different places.

       – Fr. Charles H. Allen, S.J.


    Reading overnight emails on my smartphone has become part of my early morning routine…and every day, buried among messages to shop early for this Christmas or get out of debts run up last Christmas or lose weight and gain friends is an email simply entitled “Today’s Martyrs”. This daily message is a labor of love composed late every night by a friend…To be honest, there are mornings when I’m tempted  to send the “Today’s Martyrs” message to the electronic recycle bin because its stories are sometimes just too troubling to contemplate. But one thing keeps me from pressing the delete button…it’s the recognition that my own indifference to suffering is just as harmful as physically inflicting that suffering. And so, I save the message everyday and return to it often during the day, attempting to see my own small sufferings in light of those of Today’s Martyrs. I reflect on where God might be in their sufferings, and my own. I thank God for strengthening today’s martyrs to strengthen us enough to cast off indifference, and embrace the discomfort where we so often…and so powerfully…meet God.

       – Deacon Don


    …your web site is incredible!  You are doing the world a HUGE favor!  It’s clear that a tremendous amount of work and dedication goes into uncovering these atrocities and reporting on them — not to mention the courage to stand up against the enemy.  God bless you for doing this.

       – Brian B.


    I came across an interesting and important web site a few weeks ago. It’s called “Today’s Martyrs”, and it records the true stories of many of those who are persecuted because they confess Jesus of Nazareth as their savior…A few weeks ago there was a quote from the father of one of the children who was killed in a recreation park in Pakistan by a suicide bomber. He said, in so many words, that after having seen the body parts of children raining down from the sky, he realized that God had prepared him to experience anything the world could throw at him.  But then, we enter the world of the inexpressible.

       – Pavel Chichikov, St. Austin Review